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Connection Corner: Niklas Bandak of Bandak Project Management

Nik Bandak is currently the president of Bandak Project Management, a firm he started in June of 2020 after a good deal of outside pressure by friends, customers and his network. Nik worked at the Bay Area as a laborer, carpenter, job manager and then estimator using a concrete subcontractor. Realizing he desired international experience, Nik moved to the United Arab Emirates to work for Bechtel on the Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone. After becoming engaged, Nik and his prospective wife, Kelly, decided to move back to Southern California in which he had been hired at the Construction Management branch of a little San Diego-based commercial real estate firm. Nik, Kelly along with their twin sons currently reside in Southern California.
How can you describe your function to folks that aren’t in the industry?
Bandak: We help companies and individuals in creating comprehensive and powerful real estate strategies, then manage the execution of this plan beginning with real estate discussions then the design through engineering, permitting and construction. At the moment, we concentrate on four distinct markets: science, engineering, office and multifamily/affordable home improvement.

Bandak: Since beginning BPM, I’ve been hesitant to call it”my company” since while my previous name is at the company name and that I hold the danger for our actions, the team remains that the driving force behind our success. That said, intriguing characteristics of BPM comprise the diversity of job types and versatility of their expertise.
Our customers operate across multiple businesses and are at various stages in their development, in your startup life science firm to the recognized public company we read about in The Wall Street Journal for following a remedy to some of the planet’s most threatening ailments, or even by the more compact family development office to the national development firm.
We invest a significant bit of time and energy in ensuring our team rolls jobs across multiple businesses. By way of example, a team member may start the day at the website of a prospective multistory affordable housing job in a Caribbean setting, then close out the day on a design call strategizing the infrastructure of a prospective largescale clean room manufacturing facility that will create COVID testing kits. We strive to be more flexible in support and expertise when acting as subject matter experts in our various fields.
What can you tell us about any interesting jobs you’re working on?
Bandak: Since we work with several science and engineering businesses, the company names along with their modality are very confidential. However, two intriguing projects come to mind. The first is that a diagnostics company that obtained special approval to produce COVID testing kits in response to this pandemic. We managed a large-scale job, phased the delivery of areas in a way that successfully started fabricating testing kits within three months of beginning the real estate search. We finally delivered the entire job within seven months of kick-off to find a new website. A significant job with a significantly possible outcome.
Another job is a tech firm working in the automotive sector. Their field of focus is incredibly imaginative, and they’re constantly evolving their merchandise to push the envelope. To be a part of this procedure to deliver a job that will push an entire industry into the following chapter is inspiring.

Bandak: I’m certainly pleased of particular project results, or operating at the Middle East at a youthful age, but that I would have to say beginning BPM and having the opportunity to produce a platform that supports my team’s personal and professional development. Last answer.
Before we let you go, let’s get away from the office with just two final questions. First, tell us something about you not a lot of people understand?
That’s a great one. They’re two very impressive people. They endured circumstances I shall not have to endure since they left sacrifices, or decisions, to help my sister and brother have the opportunities we have or had.

Bandak: The first phase of any provider is active, but once I’m not working with project team members or on a jobsite, I’m together with my family at the shore. My wife, Kelly, and I’ve three-year-old twins, so”unwinding” isn’t really at the cards these days, but putting that aside, I really like to spend some time with Kelly and the kids, read, and also focus on our 1967 Volkswagen Bus Westfalia.